There are some people who associate strictly with people who can benefit their business. Here’s a dose of reality so you can avoid being one of these people.

If you are only cool with and nice to people that make you money, you’re a jerk. You’re being immature and unprofessional. It’s a horrible mentality to have.

If you are friendly and engaged when people buy from you, agree with you, and are promoting you, that’s great. If someone isn’t working with you anymore or are not passionate about your opportunity, so what? Why does that mean that they are no longer a good person? Why would that mean that you will no longer promote them or respect them?

To believe this way is a short-term, scarcity mentality. When you’re in the online marketing space, Karma will catch up with you. This is not to say I don’t understand where this originates. You need to take care of you. You come first, but reputation and legacy are real things. Integrity is a real thing. Your character and reputation is everything.

If someone quits myΒ team, I don’t defriend or block them. My advice is, if they prefer another opportunity, let them go.

Why would you want to keep someone in your network that no longer wants to promote that business? I have people I’m still friends with that I have recruited, and they quit.

These people still promote my business. They share my posts. Even though I might not talk to them as often as I once did because I don’t have as much to talk to them about, I still engage with them.

Don’t be the person that says,Β β€œIf I don’t benefit from our relationship, I’m done with you.” That is amateur. You never know what could happen down the road. That person could buy your book, your product, or your next course.Β You need to think long-term, and have an abundance mentality.


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