John and I train people in the network marketing industry all over the world on how to build their online presence using social media. One of the most common questions we hear is β€œShould IΒ start a fan page to build your network marketing business?”

The simple answer is that, whether you are a new or experienced network marketer, you do not launch a fan page until you are ready.

In fact, we usually would not recommend a fan page unless, like John and I, you are going to go in the direction of creating generic content and helping out the industry as a whole.

We did not start a fan page to build our network marketing business. Here’s why:

Reason #1 – Facebook Edgerank

In your newsfeed, you will notice there are not a lot of fan page posts. Most of the posts you see in your feed are from friends and family. This is because of Facebook’s algorithm, which is called Edgerank. This algorithm decides what you see in your feed.

Most posts from your fan page are not going into anyone else’s newsfeed.Β It’s difficult to create engagement and get eyeballs on your posts and videos unless you pay for it.

Think of this from Facebook’s perspective. If you open a business page, it means you have a business. If you want exposure for that business, Facebook wants you to pay for it.

You’re making your job so much harder when you begin to promote your business page. Unless you pay for it, the exposure for your business page is going to be way less than that of your personal page.

Reason #2- It’s not duplicatable

People building their network marketing business don’t want to promote their business on their personal page, which is a great decision. However, when they still want to promote their brand, they then launch a business page and brand it to their company. The biggest problem with doing this in the network marketing industry is that it isn’t easily duplicated.

Your downline and the team you build will be mostly made up of people looking for extra income. You want to use simple practices for building your business so that your team can learn them.

They will not have the time to learn, build and manage a business Facebook page. They also may not have the budget. Even John and I, with almost 600 fans, have to pay to get our best posts out to the public from our business page.

If you decide that you are going to launch a business page anyway, and it’s simply a matter ofΒ when there are a few stipulations.

You want to wait until you are at the point where your personal page has a couple thousand friends and followers who are engaged. You should have ten to twenty solid leads per week from your personal page before starting up a business page.

This means you’re good at attracting people and you know how to create leads. If you have that skill set, we can do a lot more strategic outreach with your brand page. In order to be successful with your brand page, you should have a budget of at least $10 a day.

For the most part, I would recommend that anybody inside network marketing that just wants to create a network marketing business use their personal profile. If building your network marketing business is your goal, just use your personal profile and skip the business page.

Our mission is to teach you how to build a business that gives you FREEDOM with your time and FREEDOM with your finances.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on yourΒ favouriteΒ tip or your biggest takeaway. We can’t wait to see your comments!

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