A Facebook fan page is not the single answer to Facebook marketing. There are other secret tricks on how to use Facebook for business.Β 

Facebook.com is one of the biggest places on the internet to market your product, services or business presence. Businesses need to have a special strategy for social media marketing, especially for Facebook marketing. Also, there are many tools and features on Facebook for business.
1 – Facebook profile: The Facebook profile will help you to fill up basic company information. Facebook gives you provision to upload unlimited images and videos to do continuous brand presence among its followers. Here are some of the powerful tips on how effective brands campaign on Facebook:

2 – Extended network: It is the simplest and oldest technique for any doing any social media marketing. Just increase your network. More customers in your network mean better business promotion. In Facebook marketing, it is good to see that people sending you Friend Request on a regular basis.

3 – Facebook business pages: Facebook business page or fan page is the ultimate β€˜branded’ page on this networking site. You can customize your fan page with more interactive features and nice attractive graphics. Customers would love click on the call-to-action, β€˜Like’ button (β€˜FB Likes’). if you look around you can see how well-known brands are coming up with innovating ideas to popularize their Facebook pages.

For example,

If you want to promote your brand through Facebook marketing, you should start with something like this.

4 – Groups: You can join any business group on Facebook with your company’s account to tell everyone what you offer. Or you can have your own Groups page, and people can join your group. On your Groups page, you can put various discussion issues company and people may participate in that.

5 – Events: How to promote offers to the people who are not within your group or outside of your network? β€˜Events’ is one of the powerful features on Facebook by which you can invite anybody to your program, although the person may not be part of your network.

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