Are you tired of clapping for everyone elseโ€™s success but yours? Enough is enough! Get ready to create your best month in network marketing!

Top 10 Tips To Create Your Best Month In Network Marketing!

Tip #1: Set Goals For Your Team!

Whatโ€™s the best way to achieve high results in network marketing? By building your team, of course! No one in our industry ever goes a very long way alone. And if you want for your team to start achieving, you need to stop talking about goals and start setting them. So how do you go about doing that?

Instead of asking people to set individual goals for themselves, set a team one. If you think itโ€™s too small, stretch it a little bit. For example, if they tell you they want to do $25 000 in volume this month, tell them, โ€œLetโ€™s go for $50,000โ€. As the saying goes,ย โ€œIf your goals donโ€™t scare you, they arenโ€™t big enoughโ€. And once everyone achieves the goal, recognize them as a team!

Tip #2: Help Your Team Win!

Think of your team as your children. You have more experience than they do, and they look up to you for guidance. And in this scenario, youโ€™ve got to be both their mother and father.

You should be nurturing and supportive, and at the same time, you should call them out when theyโ€™re slacking off. The bottom line is, if your team wins, you win!

Tip #3: Lead by Example!

Who are the best leaders in the world? Those who walk the talk, thatโ€™s who!

We look at our leaders and subconsciously copy their behaviour. So if you want for your team to get customers, you should be the first one getting customers. If you want for them to be doing live videos, you should be doing live videos. Itโ€™s that simple!

Tip #4: Have Relentless Work Ethic!

Can your team say that youโ€™re the best upline ever? Are you the most supportive you could be? If the answer isย โ€œnoโ€, then you have to change something.

If you say you donโ€™t have time โ€” donโ€™t worry. No oneโ€™s asking you micromanage or be a babysitter. Thereโ€™s a difference between the two and the sooner you master it, the faster your team will start achieving higher results.

Tip #5: Marry the Process.ย Divorce the Result!

We all love results. But the process โ€” thatโ€™s what gets you there. And sometimes you need to be patient with it.

If you talk to five people, you canโ€™t get upset if they donโ€™t join you right away. First off, talk to more than 5 people. Second โ€” relax. Sometimes it takes people 5 min, and sometimes 5 years to be ready. But if you stick to the process, the results will come!

Tip #6: Hit Your A-List!

Always be recruiting UP. Approach your A-List players as fast as possible. Why? Because what if they join someone else?

We often postpone talking to our A-list because weโ€™re afraid that theyโ€™ll reject us. Truth is, most of them would actually join a network marketing business. So what are you waiting for?

Tip#7: Have A SYSTEM!

Is your business you-dependent or system-dependent?

If youโ€™re involved with everything thatโ€™s going on โ€” the phone calls, the meetings, or every aspect of supporting your team, you canโ€™t have the big results you dream of. Youโ€™ll be so overloaded that you wonโ€™t have time to look at the big picture or think strategically.

SYSTEM stands forย Saveย YourSelfย Timeย Energy &ย Money.

So try creating video trainings, or have group chats. And why donโ€™t you add your team to a Facebook Group? Thereโ€™s a whole community out there that can support itself perfectly!

Tip #8: Duplication, Duplication, Duplication!

And duplication one more time!

Thereโ€™s just no way to have tremendous results unless you have duplication. And if your people arenโ€™t working, step it up. You canโ€™t force them to work, but if they see that youโ€™re going with or without them if theyโ€™ll either step up as well or drop. And this scenario is much better than having many people who donโ€™t really work, right?

Tip #9: Find What Motivates And Inspires Your Organization!

Do you know what motivates the majority of your team members? Never assume โ€” always be certain!

It can be something as simple as gift cards, promotions or personalized phone calls. Whatever it is, do it! That will boost the motivation of your team members and youโ€™ll see how your results will start to go up!

Tip #10: Have Fun!

Is the following statement true or false: most people start out in network marketing for the money?

If you saidย โ€œfalseโ€, then youโ€™re right! Yes, the money seems to be the obvious motive but in fact, most people join for the freedom, the amazing vacations, and the opportunity to be closer to their families.

So if people keep seeing you running for a meeting to a meeting, to another meeting, they would probably not be very impressed. Think about it โ€” would you leave one boring job to go to another one? Probably not.ย So just have fun and the rest will fall into place!


Our mission is to teach you how to build a business that gives you FREEDOM with your time and FREEDOM with your finances.

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