Pillar 1:  Does the company management have personal experience building their own networking organization?  Have they done it with Integrity?

  • Search Google for the owners of the company.
  • Do the owners have Integrity?  Add the word ‘Scam’ to your search.
  • Do the owners have a Corporate background or an in-the-field network Marketing background?
  • Read your “Policies & Procedures” and “Terms & Conditions”; both are part of your Legal Contract.
  • Look for the word “Ongoing”.
  • Look for policies that strike you as “Unreasonable”.  Like “Termination, with or without cause”.
  • Ask yourself “Does this contract protect me or the company?”  “Is it clear which way it leans?”
  • Does the company charge you a big fee for each paycheque they send you?

Rules of Thumb:

  • If it’s a “Cash Only” business…It’s a Scam!
  • If you can buy a position at the top…It’s a Scam!
  • If you are offered a “Special Deal”…the playing field isn’t level for all.
  • If the products are sold on eBay at a greatly reduced price…Buy there instead.
  • If a company is publicly traded, Financial Decisions Will be made in Favour of the Stockholders at the Expense of the Distributors.

Check these two websites:   www.MLMwatchdog.com   and   www.MarketWaveInc.com.



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