Pillar 2:  Has the company passed the “early failure” Time Line?  Are the company’s Products timed with the beginning of a massive trend of consumer demand?

  • Beware of “ground floor opportunities” and start-up companies.
  • There should be no rush to get in on the “ground floor”.
  • 99% of companies don’t last two years.
  • If the company is good today, it will be great tomorrow.
  • Most people don’t make money in the first two years while the company is dealing with start-up issues.
  • Profit comes AFTER two years.  Join then.
  • Avoid companies which have passed beyond their “momentum phase” and have become household names. (The realistic potential for big growth in gone)
  • Do not join a company with a product that has no profit margin!  (i.e – a long distance service or a vinyl record company)




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