Does the Compensation Plan Pay Part-Timers?

95% of networkers are part-time people.Β Make sure that people can make a decent income working a few hours per week.

Beware of companies that advertise how many millionaires they have created. Make sure it’s not at the expense of those “at the bottom”. Β Everyone should be able to benefit.

Take the Comp Plan TestΒ – Ask yourself this question:
β€’ “How many people do I need on my Team to earn a recurring income check of $500 per month?”
β€’ There are companies out there that require as many as 500 and as few as 20.
β€’ It’s not unusual to see well-established companies that require 150 to 350 people andΒ they are still able to attract new distributors – Amazing!Β  They must be sold on the product!
β€’ If your upline won’t or can’t answer this basic question, You should Run.

If you are making only 5% to 8% commissions on a product, You are being extremely underpaid.

If a company stresses “Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!”, You should “Run, Run, Run!”

The purpose of any business is moving product from the company to the end-consumer.

The majority of your commissions MUST come from product sales; otherwise, it is a SCAM.

And if you work a plan that Does Not pay on product volume,Β somewhere in the process You will lose money!

More important: You will lose Credibility Too!


This is the company, the owners, the products, and the opportunity we have all wished for - dreamed about - prayed for.

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