Does the Compensation Plan Pay Part-Timers?

95% of networkers are part-time people. Make sure that people can make a decent income working a few hours per week.

Beware of companies that advertise how many millionaires they have created. Make sure it’s not at the expense of those “at the bottom”.  Everyone should be able to benefit.

Take the Comp Plan Test – Ask yourself this question:
• “How many people do I need on my Team to earn a recurring income check of $500 per month?”
• There are companies out there that require as many as 500 and as few as 20.
• It’s not unusual to see well-established companies that require 150 to 350 people and they are still able to attract new distributors – Amazing!  They must be sold on the product!
• If your upline won’t or can’t answer this basic question, You should Run.

If you are making only 5% to 8% commissions on a product, You are being extremely underpaid.

If a company stresses “Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!”, You should “Run, Run, Run!”

The purpose of any business is moving product from the company to the end-consumer.

The majority of your commissions MUST come from product sales; otherwise, it is a SCAM.

And if you work a plan that Does Not pay on product volume, somewhere in the process You will lose money!

More important: You will lose Credibility Too!


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