We teach in our training series to focus on small steps that add up to a larger picture. To rank advance, enrol two members and help them enrol two, and so on. If you focus on each small step you will be able to grow your organization without getting overwhelmed by thinking you need SO MANY people below you to earn so much in commissions.

This principle can also be applied to celebrating your success! If you begin focused on a HUGE goal once you get started and aren’t reaching it as fast as you thought you would, or think it is out of reach, you might not stick with it! But if you celebrate at each small step you achieve in reaching that goal, you will be more likely to succeed!

This falls in line with having a positive perspective and mindset. For Example, if you just signed up and your goal is to become Executive and you sign up someone with an order and then some free members. You may start to feel defeated if those free members aren’t purchasing because you’re not reaching your goal. But if think instead that you’re already halfway there and you just need to help someone get their order placed it may give you a new outlook. You can celebrate becoming a Consultant with your 1 member that purchased! Then once you feel great about your small success you can contact those free members and work with them to find a product they’d like to try and then become an Executive! Then you can celebrate that step!

Just as we have talked about previously, your daily habits can make a big difference in your success, this is also true about your perspective! If you celebrate each step of the way towards reaching your goal you may actually end up appreciating what you’ve accomplished because you took the time to acknowledge everything you did to get there! If you are building a team make sure you reach out to your members when they are having small successes and let them know you are watching, and think they are doing great! Keeping motivation is one of the most difficult things to do when trying to reach a goal, but celebrating your small successes can help you stay motivated and actually achieve your goals!

Our mission is to teach you how to build a business that gives you FREEDOM with your time and FREEDOM with your finances.

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