Lesson 1 – Instagram Overview

Did you know that Instagram has more than 300 million users?

Is your brand tapping into this mobile-friendly, social network source of visual content and ready buyers?

According to Instagram’s owners, Instagram has grown into a community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos every day. Many business niches, such as food and fashion, are using this platform. For example, brands like Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream have embraced Instagram as a way to keep and gain followers by sharing mouth-watering images of their newest flavours.

Even if you aren’t in one of these niches or don’t have a tangible product, you can still use similar strategies to gain a following on Instagram. The NBA doesn’t promote products on Instagram. They promote an emotionally charged experience. Their page gives followers a small sample of being courtside, which tempts followers to get the full experience in person.

Still not sure your business can benefit from using Instagram? Consider these facts:

  • Instagram users primarily interact with Smartphone’s so it’s readily accessible.
  • Nearly 7.3 million people use Instagram on a daily basis.
  • The average user spends about 257 minutes on Instagram per month.
  • The average number of daily likes is 1.2 billion.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s easy to see the business-boosting potential Instagram can have on your business. Before you get excited about the numbers and jump in, you need to know a few more details in order to make your experience more pleasant and profitable.

What is Instagram?

Instagram, a combination of the words β€œinstant” and β€œtelegram”, is a mobile visual content sharing app and social network. In 2012, Facebook purchased it from its founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. As of December 2014, it’s gained more than 300 million users.

Instagram is unlike any other social network in that it is based solely on visual storytelling with photos and videos. Users can post images and short videos up to 15 seconds long. Every photo and video posted on the Instagram app is square, much like the old Polaroid pictures. This feature gives the app a more streamlined look and inspires creativity among its users.


Why should your business use Instagram?

You may be using Facebook and Pinterest for business already. So why would you want to use Instagram as well?

Like no other social network, Instagram provides solutions to common problems, which plague mobile photographers and video enthusiasts. They provide advanced tools to make mobile images more professional looking. They also optimize upload times, making it quick and efficient for users, compared to other platforms.

Instagram lets you show your customers the human side of your business. You can post pictures showing the positive side of your company and the actual people behind your brand.

All of the visual content you share on Instagram helps you to connect with your target market or one of its subsets. For instance, sharing your latest product and showing how people use it, attracts repeat customers and potential customers.

Almost every business has some type of visual content they can share with their customers. Instagram is one of the best platforms to do this.

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