Lesson 2 – Be Clear on What You Are Promoting on Twitter!

Getting noticed in the online business arena is only possible if viewers are clear on what they are viewing. Putting up an ambiguous posting will not help to ensure the target audience nor will it ensure a successful presence on the Internet.

Some Tips

Here are some points to consider in ensuring the posting is clear and understood:

* Β Deciding and designing the material to be posted must follow one theme. When the material posted does not correspond with promotional tone then it can be rather confusing. Therefore the theme should be decided even before the actual designing of the posting is started.

* Β Understanding what the desired end goal is, contributes to the actual tools and formats that will eventually be utilized. When the goal is clearly identified, then the best-suited tools available for Internet marketing can be identified for its corresponding contributions.

*Β Besides the posting content, it is also important to provide information on the actual supporting freebies, promotional gimmicks, possible backlinks, and any other content that would function as an advantage to the viewer visiting the site.

*Β The posting should also be very clear in the actual visual presentation style so that the viewer will immediately be able to identify with the content without having to resort to various clicks and long-winded reading material.

Besides doing all the above using the right platform to get the posting to the target audience is also something that should be given serious consideration. Newsletter promotion, blog digest, using the social media network, websites, and other forms of making things personal will all help to gain the attention of the target audience effectively. The promotional plan and promotional strategies should comfortably merge into the same theme. This should, in turn, have the overall focus of the main achievement being sought.

Avoid Over Promoting

Over-promoting is a very dangerous category to fall into as this may eventually cause the viewing audience to turn elsewhere for the information they seek thus severely damaging the twitter page’s chances of making a success of whatever is being featured. Therefore it is necessary to check that this negative element does not appear and cause the damaging effects.

Be Cautious

Twitters have a β€œlanguage” of their own and understanding and using it is both necessary and beneficial if the individual posting wants to be taken seriously in this arena. There is a need to ensure the various new terms used as posting material which does not adhere to this will eventually get you discredited or ignored.

Choosing an unsuitable Twitter name is also to be avoided as this will cause the professionalism element to be severely discredited and not taken seriously.

Getting into a bragging mode with the intention of promoting something is a thinly disguised attempt to get noticed. When done often enough it will cause the exact opposite effect instead, as those originally viewing your page will end up being exasperated and bored.

Bad choice of timing is also another element to avoid as it may seem that the tweets are being run too frequently and even if the viewing was missed initially. The unsolicited frequency of the tweeting exercise will eventually cause annoyance as viewers may no longer be interested in the same information being posted. More often than not this self-promoting material can get redundant even if what is being promoted is useful and relevant in the follower’s perspective. Repetitive information will become stale. Sometimes when there is too much promoting done, the basic need to address certain issues are overlooked or ignored. This will frustrate the follower/viewer as the concerns fail to be addressed effectively.

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