Lesson 3 – How to Communicate and Participate to Convey Professionalism

βœ” Plan How To Communicate With Others To Convey Professionalism

There are several different aspects that are usually addressed in the quest to stay professionally based on online dealings. The individual that has the advantage of professionalism is extended and perceived to exist.

Β βœ” Communication

Perhaps the first area that professionalism should ideally cover is the area of etiquette. The universally accepted common elements would include having the semblance of being polite, being able to address each situation with a level of sincerity, working towards creating satisfies customers and many more.

Taking the time and effort to consider the subscriber list or group as a whole and addressing them as if each one was an individual concern and special would allow the positive basis of the relationship to be built.

Making a positive impact is also another way of portraying professionalism. When the other party is assured that the concerns will be addressed and then ensure the follow-up procedures are followed will create the level of professionalism that few can refute.

Using email addresses that are appropriate and professional sounding is also necessary if one wants to be taken seriously in the business arena. Simple but often overlooked is the need to ensure all content is accurately written and factual.

Using a suitable descriptive subject line is also a way of showing professionalism and avoids being identified or classified as spammers who also have casual addressing choices. Being specific, clear, reasonable and to the point is also showing professionalism as most people do not have the time or inclination to entertain unsolicited interruptions.

The items included in the signature should be of a professional design and content. Unnecessary information should not be included as it would not be deemed necessary.

Ensure all communications are done professionally and with only information sought exchanged. Keep all exchanges short, accurate and to the point.

βœ” Learn How To Participate With The Community

Using Twitter to enhance presence and positioning within the social platform is one of the reasons it has become a much sought after tool. This tool allows the desired traffic to be directed to a particular site through the Twitter exchanges which act indirectly as a good advertising tool.

βœ” Check-InΒ 

The following are some of the recommendations that should be utilized in the quest to participate effectively:

*Β Making use of the hashtag symbol (#) followed by the name of abbreviation will allow for the sharing of posts between the viewers of a certain group and also follow the Twitters connected to the same or similar hashtags. This particular norm has managed to successfully and effectively create the Twitter chat that is both exciting and informative.

*Β For the more experienced Twitter dabblers using the Twitter chat tool (tweetchat.com or twubs.com are a couple of them) while ensuring the Twitter station is well tuned to filter out all unnecessary and annoying noises is important. As there is often a lot of static and other background noises where the actual quality of the exchange is more often than not compromised thus the need to intentionally focus on this elimination.
*Β Upon identification of the hashtag, for the desired community or group and the corresponding Twitter chat tool that is most workable, logging in should be the next step taken. Sometimes timing and dates do play a role, as the particular group chat may only be scheduled to fit a preordained pattern. Also remembering to include the hashtags in one’s own tweets is important so that the comments and question posted can be viewed by other too. In this medium, it is also possible to include and also popular to see the expertise of a moderator helping to guide the elements of the discussion to ensure all stay focused on the subject at hand and also some sort of decorum is adhered to.

This is the company, the owners, the products, and the opportunity we have all wished for - dreamed about - prayed for.

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