Tabs are how you navigate through Periscope. There are four primary tabs in the app. Let’s look at these.

1 – Β The first tab displays two lists:

A list of the people you’re following on Periscope who are β€œlive”. To join live broadcast, just touch the listing.

A list of broadcasts you’ve attended within the past 24 hours. To replay a broadcast, touch the one you want to see.

2 –Β The second tab has two views. One shows a global list of live publicΒ broadcasts you can join. The other shows a global map of live public broadcasts you can join.

3 –Β The third tab is where you broadcast. This is the red button at the bottom right on an Android or the camera icon in iOS app.

4 –Β The fourth tab is the place to find people to follow. The number of followers that is displayed refers to how many Periscope followers a person has. This is where you can access your profile and other settings as well.

The tabs are how you navigate through the main screens on Periscope. It’s where you watch and produce broadcasts. Β In the next lesson, you will learn what broadcasts are how you will use them.

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