What is a broadcast?

A Periscope broadcast is a live video stream. It directly engages and interacts with viewers through the use of chats and hearts. Broadcasts can be public and available in the global feed of everyone. This is the default setting.

Periscope broadcasts can be private as well. This means you need to select each individual viewer.

To do a broadcast, open your Periscope app and tap the broadcast tab in iOS and then the Camera icon at the bottom centre or in Android tap the Camera icon at the bottom right.

Put in the title that describes what you are going to broadcast.

Choose your options via the three icons above the β€œStart Broadcast” button.

  • Manage your location settings
  • Make the broadcast private
  • Limit your chat and/or Tweet live stream

Tap β€˜Start Broadcast.’

To end a broadcast, swipe the screen down and tap ‘Stop Broadcast’.

Saving Videos for later

You can save a copy of your broadcast to your phone to have it forever. To save a copy, click the link at the bottom of the ended broadcast that says β€œSave to my camera roll”.

Important!Β Be careful when you do this. If you click in the wrong place you can accidentally stop the upload of your live broadcast to Periscope for replay to the public for 24 hours.

Creating a broadcast is simple and quick. You don’t need any fancy video equipment. Just tap a few buttons on your Periscope app and you’re live.

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