Like all of social media, the more likes and comments you get, the more followers you will have.

On Periscope the way to show someone you like their broadcasts is with hearts.

Hearts are only available in public broadcasts and replays. Hearts given in private broadcasts and replays will not be counted towards your overall heart count.

You can comment during a live broadcast as well. Everyone can read these comments.

There are some things you can do to improve your β€œlike” count.

  • Label your broadcasts. People want to know what they’ll be watching before they click. Briefly describe your broadcast with something appealing. Use emotions in the title. Keep the title short but compelling.
  • Make your broadcasts interesting and relevant to your brand and your audience. Throw out the script and relax. It’s okay to make a few mistakes but try to avoid fillers like β€œum” and β€œah”. Do a trial run without actually broadcasting to get comfortable.
  • Be relevant. Don’t try to attract dog lovers if you are talking about being a cat lover. Add anecdotes or interview someone with a lively personality. Be friendly and open.
  • Interact with the viewers when they comment. Take the time to try to comment back or say β€œhi” and thank people for liking you. Don’t beg for hearts, though.
  • Let people know you’ll be broadcasting by sending a Tweet when the broadcast begins. Post an announcement on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Follow and interact with other users and their broadcasts. The more you interact, the more followers you have. Interact with Periscope users in your niche. Be sure to comment on their posts and follow them.

Keeping your broadcasts relevant and fun is a great way to improve your likes and comments while getting more followers.

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